Consultancy in Argentina

Through special arrangements with a consultant firmin Argentina, members can receive “turnkeypackages” to be able to place their products andservices in Argentina as well as buy Argentineanproducts and services. Mario A. LanziTel. (11-54) 4345-6549 / 6829Mobil 15 4993-5294Alicia Moreau de Justo 1050 Of. 130Buenos Aires, Cap. Federal o Pedro MalbranMobil 15 4033 6706 Legal & Investments: ARCHIMBAL, VILA , REYES ORIBE and ASSOC. Law Firm Contact: Dr. Fernando Archimbal, PartnerMaria Archimbal, Lawyer 25 de Mayo 555, 5th FloorCiudad Autónoma de Bs. AS.Zip Code: C1002ABK Tel/Fax: (011-54) 11-5219-0800E-mail:

Company Presentations

The Chamber can arrange the presentation of the company’s products or services at breakfast meetings and/or other special meeting presentations. Additionally, and through  arrangements with the American Consulate in Argentina and the American Chamber of Argentina,members can benefit from business and social presentations of their products and services in Argentina.

Medical and Dental Providers

Through a special arrangement with a group of physicians and dentists the Chamber provides for its members a valuable referral with bilingual professionals who agree to offer discounts on their regular fees.

Medical Insurance

Through a special arrangement with International Medical Group, the Chamber offers its members medical insurance coverage without boundaries.This major medical coverage could be obtained on a temporary or permanent basis for those who are American citizens or any other country in the world. Please see the link in our Website as to : “Whatcoverage should I get?”(*)

SBA Loan Arrangements

The Chamber works closely with the Small BusinessAdministration to provide its members with thenecessary information about the different programsand services available to the small and mediumbusiness enterprise. Through the SBA, and itsprogram Export Express, small firms can obtainguarantees of 75% to provide to lenders that arewilling to give loans up to an amount of $250,000for the purpose of exporting their produ

Construction Consultants

Through an arrangement with Ansco Real Estate Investments, members can obtain a free consultation for an evaluation of a construction project of either new property and/or remodeling and the appropriate referrals. A savings of $45

Special Travel Packages

Through arrangements with Alitravel Agency ofChicago, members can make arrangements fordiscounted packages and tickets to and from SouthAmerica and the United States. Savings of up to25% could be obtain

Immigration and Labor Laws

The Chamber provides a free consultation through the law firm of Caffarelli, Weiss and Associates on issues related to immigration law and labor practices as well as minor corporate issues. A value of$300.00.

Risk Management

Members can obtain a free consultation through Rolei Financial Services Corp. to evaluate their business exposure from a risk management perspective and receive recommendations for employee benefit programs, property , casualty and personal liability exposures, retirement programs and international transportation insurance. A value of $450.00.

Finance Consulting

The Chamber of Commerce has arranged for the members to have a free consultation through JMAC Mortgage Company on issues relating to financing properties or structuring financing for business. A savings of $200