Whichever individual, corporation or association could be admitted as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, in whichever of  three categories: individual member, regular member, corporate member, or student member.

       . The members have the right to vote and to occupy a position in the Council of Administration of the Chamber with the exception of those who do not have an office or a corporate presence in the United States       and reside or have companies organized under the laws of a foreign country.

      . Each member can designate a person or organization to act as a representative before the the Chamber of Commerce.

      . The members will receive the e-Newsletters that the Chamber publishes and they will have rights to all the information that the Chamber prepares for their members in accordance to the category of the        membership.

Whichever individual, member, corporation or association could be admitted as a Member of  the Chamber of Commerce without distinction of the place of residence or commercial activity.

In order to become a member, the prospective participant must submit an application to the membership committee for approval.

Each member will accept the by-laws of the Chamber and will act in accordance with them.

The Chamber of Commerce adheres to an ethical code which prevents any member of the Board of Directors to receive remuneration for its functions.

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